Hi. I’m Jonathan.

I’m the kind of person who believes that with effort, intelligence and consideration, nothing is impossible. Currently, I work on everything from engineering the data infrastructure to creating the visualizations and reports that improve business decisions with data. I’m passionate about sustainability, education, and discovering new ways to help people using technology.
When I’m not working on projects, I spend my time educating students about personal finance at the organization I founded. If you’re interested in learning more or helping out, please email me or visit our website: www.bupfc.com.
In 2016, I helped this generation become more financially literate in order to make more informed decisions when it comes to their own money. We bagged a special feature in Forbes magazine as a true innovation in finance. You can sign up for free here!
In the summer of ’15, I helped people with skin and weight issues improve their lives with a neat little red light. The technology for which was originally developed by NASA. It’s now the only device ever to be patented and approved by the FDA for immediate fat loss without dieting, exercise, pills or surgery. 

Ask me anything:

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